“Which track will Jeangu Macrooy choose to represent The Netherlands at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?” After months of speculations, it was finally revealed last night in Holland’s number one daily news show De Wereld Draait Door. And in a rather spectacular way, by showing the entire music video during the live show. The video jumped immediately to #1 trending on Youtube.

Smarthouse director Joe Roberts: “The track really resonated with me, in a very direct and personal way. I almost felt some kind of anxiety, something that inspired me to create a music video that captures the vulnerability and honesty of the track.”

Eurovision Song Contest tracks come with a reputation. It’s about the only place on earth where you can see a performance of a vampire doing opera on a dubstep beat, a group of monsters playing hardrock, or an eighties revival of Djengis Khan while doing aerobics… whether or not with corresponding music videos. But nothing of this all goes for Jeangu’s track Grow.

The beautiful subdued track inspired the director to make a poetic and cinematic music video, where the general idea evolves around seeing two Jeangu’s: the person he really is and the person he wants to be. This is probably highly recognizable for many people, as one can easily relate to this feeling and it inspired Joe Roberts to show Jeangu in his duality.

The Suriname-born and raised singer songwriter moved to The Netherlands to study at the conservatory and to pursue his dreams. A musical collaboration with producer/composer Perquiste begins, who signs him to his label Unexpected Records. His career really takes off, releasing two hit albums and performing at live events like the North Sea Jazz Festival. And even though it sounds like one big success story, Jeangu experienced a darker time in his life last year.

Jeangu about the song: “Emotions, good and bad, are universal language. I hope this makes people feel a little less lonely in their search for happiness. I believe in the power of music bringing people together. It’s the reason I do what I do.”


Link to the music video:



Client: Unexpected Records

Manager: Pieter Perquin

Concept & Director: Joe Roberts

Production Company: Smarthouse Films

Executive Producer: Danielle Guirguis

Producer: Julia Schmidt

DoP: Job Kraaijenveld

Styling: Clyde Semmoh

Editor: Benjamin Putland

Colourist: Qianwei Tong for Captcha Rotterdam