WIEDEN + KENNEDY created our La Holandesa campaign!

/ 22 January 2018


WIEDEN+KENNEDY’S – “The Kennedys” create campaign for Smarthouse

In the light of Smarthouse Films’ coming release of the feature film La Holandesa on April 26th, Wieden + Kennedy’s creative accelerator ‘The Kennedys’ developed the film poster, teaser and loglines. The creative kit will be launched today for the European premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 26th.

Smarthouse’s founder and producer of the film Danielle Guirguis is super excited by this unique opportunity to work with the seven multitalented Kennedy’s under the directions of Creative Director and Chief Talent Alvaro Sotomayor and Producer Judd Caraway.

“Normally I work for agencies, now they work for me! Brilliant! La Holandesa is a road movie set in Chile, about a woman (Rifka Lodeizen) whose chance encounter with a Chilean trucker’s young son turns into an epic adventure across Chile’ s breath-taking landscapes, and down a road of discovery. Yes it’s a road movie. But we wanted to underline the power of her instead of her trip, and to show some of the balls she demonstrates in the movie. The poster and teaser show a powerhouse on the move. I love it.”

The film world-premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Screen International called La Holandesa “A scenic picaresque (…) marks a promising debut.”

The film is an all women project: directed by Marleen Jonkman, written by Daan Gielis and produced by Danielle Guirguis. Gusto Entertainment will release the film in Dutch cinemas on April 26th

Alvaro Sotomayor (W+K): “We love working with as many talented people as possible, and we love meeting our neighbours and finding ways to collaborate and learn together. Arthouse productions are made by such groups of talented individuals. Our Amsterdam neighbours were brave enough to bet their heart into their passions. We are honoured to have had this opportunity to partner up with the future of Dutch cinema’s.”