Nummer achttien

The legendary visual artist Guido van der Werve teams up with the Smarties for his first feature length art film.

Guido has always searched for a confrontation with life through his work. A terrible accident in 2016 changed everything. The film Number Eighteen is a poetic self-analysis; how his inferiority complex and fear of dying eventually saved his life. His life story forms the red thread in his search for identity, while looking for the parallels in overcoming traumas, awareness, religion and depression.

The project is part of “De Verbeelding”, supported by the Mondriaan Fund and The Netherlands Film Fund.

Want to know more:

Art film / Documentary in production
Director Guido van der Werve
Producer Smarthouse Films
Co-producer Leitwolf TV- und Filmproduktion
Distributeur Gusto Entertainment